Hi, I'm Grace, product designer and founder.



Entering the complex music industry digital ecosystem to help artists and curators level up their audio career

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AMP Artist Insights

Dive into the flexible and adaptable mindset operating at rapid speed for a self-serve artist marketing platfom

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Introducing a new UI and interactions

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Search Redesign

Designing Goliath, a search experience to complement learning

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Integrating the California Consumer Privacy Act into the app experience

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Chicago Bulls Site Redesign

Redesigning the Chicago Bulls website to resonate with fans

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Chatbot Design

The making of customer service chatbot, Jamie

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I'm Grace, a curious product designer. I have questions for just about anything and everything. My design style is based on merging logic with creativity to intentionally create something useful.

I hail from a Finance background just because I wanted to train my analytical muscles in a different way despite loving design and art all my life. I also founded a tea company to put a modernized spin on traditional Chinese tea, winning some business pitch competitions along the way.

Non-design related quests involve trying to up my rock climbing game, biking long distances, or mastering various coffee brewing techniques.